Concept generation and innovation

Concept generation adds value to customer engagements through the use of our ideas and original thinking. This enables our customers to innovate new products and services.

How do we do this?

Endurance's process of concept generation begins with systematic creativity techniques; by working with facts, ideas and solutions in an iterative lateral manner and free from as many constraints as possible. The best ideas are brought together and used to flesh out a series of complete concepts. They are developed using sketches, story boards, demonstrations and images to paint a picture of what the product could be and how it might function.

This is an interactive process which lets our customers understand what their options are, refine these options and then select the most appropriate.

Endurance achieves good results by:

  • Planning diagram thumbnail Making use of our knowledge, experience and some appropriate best practice ( example PDF ).

In the case of OTT TV we have applied our considerable knowledge of digital and Internet TV products and technology in order to write a series of white papers and helped run  events such as Mashup for the benefit of leading companies in our industry sector.

  • Producing concept demonstrators.

Value added relationships

How else has Endurance worked with its customers to add value to their businesses? Here are some examples:

  • Incubator diagram thumbnail We have run product incubator workshops for a UK listed product company ( example PDF ).
  • We have helped a North American product organisation, Mariner Partners , to launch its products into the European market.