BCi-Endurance develops open OTT TV P.A.S (Platform as a Service)

The Challenge

OTT TV brings new types of stakeholders into the market. For some of these new entrants there are considerable challenges to address. Content/copyright owners will have to consider how to they prepare and distribute their content to multiple devices over unmanaged networks. Industry stakeholders face many new issues associated with OTT TV delivery including the following:-
•    Content preparation - Some of the OTT TV stakeholders (mainly the content creators/owners) have little or no experience in the preparation and distribution of their content. Any stakeholder who wishes to make content available to more than one device will need to encode/ transcode the original content to other formats.
•    Rent or buy - There is also a trend towards ‘cloud’ services including PAS (Platform as a Service) instead of clients choosing to build and operate their own platform.
•    CDN’s - For many stakeholders the CDN piece represents considerable concerns. They have concerns in the costs associated with delivery of free content to their consumers – it costs them to deliver it! And they have concerns of optimising encoding of content for Q.o.S. versus bandwidth balance. In other words they feel they have to compromise either bandwidth cost or quality for the delivery of the content.

The Solution

The open architecture allows the transformation of content to supports multiple device formats. The platform has a simple but powerful workflow engine that can be pre-configured to execute a number of highly efficient encoding profiles. The platform also allows the option for different creative commercial models, from free to traditional premium VoD. The adoption of an open architecture allows the platform to be easily adapted to support new requirements. Crucially the CDN employs a peer-to-peer approach.


Providing OTT TV as a managed service means the client isn’t concerned with the day-today operations of the platform and can concentrate on running their core business activities. However should the circumstances call for it the client has the option to host and operate the platform themselves – thus providing an alternative to PAS.
Our approach to the CDN has the benefit of improving Q.o.E. (Quality of Experience) for the end consumer whilst minimising or even eliminating the cost of content transmission over traditional CDN’s.
Finally this approach allows the client to manage their costs and link the costs to the scaling of the business.