Develop core window management software IPR

Ground-up redesign and implementation of a core rendering engine within a wider software architecture for a Cambridge-based set-top box software vendor in order to address fundamental performance issues and improve the provision for future maintenance and development.

Locations: Cambridge, UK

Key resources

Senior Software Engineer 1

Degree qualified Senior Software Engineer with over 13 years experience of complex digital video and audio decoding systems and low level software development. Experience in particular of low level support for IPTV based STBs.

Senior Software Engineer 2

Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience of high quality software engineering and a number of operating systems in both the desktop and embedded space, with particular emphasis on digital interactive television over IP networks and other display systems.

Key skills

  • Design and implementation of complex rendering algorithms with a complexity metric no worse than O(n log n).
  • Efficient and clearly written ANSI C code, self-documenting using the Doxygen markup notation.