Endurance Develops OTT TV (Augmented TV) Architecture

The Challenge

As part of Endurance’s thought leadership programme the challenge was to produce a compelling demonstration which would highlight various ways in which internet services can augment, rather than attempt to replace, conventional television delivery. An architecture capable of delivering such services using standard web technologies was seen as a necessary core deliverable. To make the demo compelling we wanted interested parties at industry events to be able to interact and to look at the handheld content on their own phones or tablets.

The Solution

The demo consists of a TV-like GUI implemented with web technologies, running on a desktop or laptop class machine under a mainstream WebKit based browser such as Safari or Chrome. The remote control we used to drive the TV GUI was a Bluetooth handset for the Playstation 3. As a result devices showing the 'related content' were also just displaying web content, which in the case of iOS is presented as a stand-alone "web application" via <meta> tags, Apple providing specific support for such content. Under Android, it ran inside the Android web browser.
WebKit was specifically targeted because of its use in Android and iOS mobile devices. Aiming for a single browser engine eliminated time consuming cross-browser compatibility issues.


The interactive demonstration enabled stakeholders to see the possibilities associated with an augmented TV service. The architecture, using industry standard web components, provides the basis for an open and extensible OTT TV solution and early time to market.