Hybrid STB UI development

UI development: To develop and fully document a complete, modular, extensible digital TV user interface on top of a web browser using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, including an electronic programme guide, recordings manager, settings application and numerous supplementary service interfaces.

Location: UK

Key resources

Senior Software Engineer

Fourteen years of industry experience developing robust embedded software for the IPTV and web industries. Experienced designer and author of large and small scale proprietary or portable C applications. Excellent understanding of IPTV architecture and Web technologies. Several years of server-side web development experience with Ruby On Rails; some experience developing with Python and Django. Competent C++ and Objective C programmer.

Key skills

  • Create an entire user interface for a modular hybrid digital video recorder set-top box using web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) supporting arbitrary applications including live downloads of new applications
  • GUI components to set-top boxes deployed in the field
  • Application components included a basic channel changer with 2D navigable embedded programme guide (Now And Next, and beyond) and time shift display capabilities, full screen electronic programme guide with selectable display modes and a settings manager
  • Design, documentation and creation of all software, including an extensive supporting JavaScript library providing a GUI toolkit
  • Conversion of aesthetic mock-ups from graphic designers into real, working interface components
  • Face-to-face visits with client's customers for the technology, incorporating their requests and customisations into the ongoing development
  • Technical lead in later project stages