Develop product based upon Open Source components

Development of a number of enhancements to various Open Source projects (including ‘displaylinkFB’ and ‘XorgDisplayLink’) related to driving DisplayLink USB devices. Primary goal was to add an additional display onto a wearable computing platform with a number of enhanced features over the standard Open Source software, for example: primary display configuration, installation and configuration management, robustness and code quality improvements. Customer was delivering a system into a US trial to evaluate future man-portable systems.

Location: UK (Customer: USA)

Key Resources

Principle Software Engineer

A well rounded software engineer with experience in embedded systems through to application level solutions utilising such technologies as C/C++ and Java, with a proven record working in a product driven environment with hard targets.

Engineering Consultant

Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience of high quality software engineering and a number of operating systems in both the desktop and embedded space, with particular emphasis on digital interactive television over IP networks and other display systems.

Key Skills