Interface DisplayLink silicon with 8051-based system

Implementation and debugging of some deeply embedded software development in pure C running on an 8051 CPU to interface with a DisplayLink device and a Davicom MAC/PHY. In an environment with extremely limited available non-volatile storage and RAM (stack, etc.) a driver for the MAC was required to extract DisplayLink protocol packets from IP and route into buffers within the DisplayLink chip.

The software needed to fit into a limited amount of flash memory (there was around 16KB for the code developed in this project, including memory required for a splash screen graphic) and the runtime environment had only 256 bytes of SRAM for storage of both stack and local variables.

Location: UK

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Principal Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience of high quality software engineering and a number of operating systems in both the desktop and embedded space, with particular emphasis on digital interactive television over IP networks and other display systems.

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