Port and enhance DisplayLink Embedded Partner Platform

Porting of the DisplayLink Embedded Partner Platform (EPP) to Microsoft Windows. This project also required a number of enhancements to the software on both Windows and Linux in several areas, including application interface improvements, performance enhancements, improved human interface device (HID) support and miscellaneous code quality improvements.

Endurance was originally responsible for developing the EPP on behalf of DisplayLink and ran the Partner Program to support developments in the embedded space and on Linux in particular. This program was ramped down once the Open Source libdlo library had been developed and released.

Location: UK (Customer: Germany)

Key resources

Senior Software Engineer (Windows)

Specialist with over 20 years experience in developing device drivers, low level embedded software and network stacks for Windows (from DOS through to Vista, Windows CE and Windows Mobile), UNIX (Linux – RedHat, Ubuntu, or other flavours of UNIX) and proprietary Microkernels. Experienced in bringing up first silicon, adding a device driver for new hardware, debugging a problem on an existing system or tuning a hard real rime system.

Senior Software Engineer (Linux)

A well rounded software engineer with experience in embedded systems through to application level solutions utilising such technologies as C/C++ and Java, with a proven record working in a product driven environment with hard targets.

Key Skills