Turnkey outsourcing

In this model, Endurance manages all the resources required to provide the service. Our customers entrust the entire activity to us, which means we source and manage the manpower (internally and externally), the equipment, the logistics and the infrastructure necessary to accomplish the project. This approach is ideal when a customer wishes to distinctly demarcate the accountability of the project and its deliverables. Endurance is able to add value through extensive experience of delivering fully managed projects for customers which is underpinned by our extensive business infrastructure and processes.

Offshore outsourcing

This proposition is an important subset of outsourcing where Endurance makes use of both internal and external resources in a country other than the one in which our customer is based, in order to take advantage of lower labour costs and skills specialism where appropriate. Endurance has facilities in Europe and India  which underpin the service model supported by projects delivered using our professional service over the last 10 years.


Occasionally Endurance will provide individual resources to its customers. This would normally be during the early stage of a project and for a shorter duration. Provision of a fully managed service, as above, is where Endurance can add most value.