BCi-Endurance help Zeebox to develop a broadcast ingest solution

Posted by Administrator on Jan 21 2012
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Zeebox has developed and launched an ambitious augmented TV service that delivers additional and relevant information about the programme being watched and provides connections to your friends via Social Networking sites. The experience is delivered via a smooth and intuitive device application (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) that is probably best described as a turbocharged TV guide. The challenge for Zeebox was how to extract additional related information and content about key topics, people and places on screen that would be relevant for the specific viewing experience. BCi-Endurance were approached to help develop a solution that would allow Zeebox to gather Metadata from various sources and then, where appropriate, use this data within the service offering.

The solution was to provide know how and services to help build both a  hardware infrastructure and bespoke software development. The specific nature of the process and the sources are not described here for reasons of client confidentiality. The Zeebox platform was successfully launched in October 2011, using an iPad/iPhone and Web client application, and has already been integrated with Channel 4 programming. Additionally the success of this leading edge solution is evident from the recent announcement that Sky will be deploying Zeebox technology within its own service delivery platform.

By outsourcing these services Zeebox have been able to focus on other issues concerning the launch of their platform. BCi-Endurance provided scalable resources to a tight timescale and within a defined budget. All critical points for the successful launch of a new business venture.

About Zeebox

Zeebox was founded in 2011 by Anthony Rose and Ernesto Schmitt. The company employs 30 staff at its headquarters in Covent Garden, London. Zeebox is initially available only in the UK, but will soon launch across the world. Zeebox is the new, social, interactive and immersive way to watch TV. It turns your iPad, tablet or laptop into an interactive companion that enhances whatever you watch on your main TV screen. Zeebox turns TV into a social event: it knows what you and your friends are watching, and it lets you all share, chat and tweet about whatever's on. It also understands what's on screen and helps you find out more about anything you're watching, in real-time: Rihanna, armadillos, the Olympics, whatever - with links (zeetags) popping up as if by magic as you watch. Zeebox also helps you buy or download things related to what you're watching, easily - apps, games, music, books, films, TV shows, you name it. It even acts as a remote control for connected TVs. It's like a quiet, cool, well-connected and unbelievably clever companion, right there on the sofa next to you.

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