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Posted by Administrator on Sep 13 2011
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Over the Top TV (OTT TV) is proving to be a powerful force that will change the landscape of our industry. One definition of OTT TV is “any content on any device at any time and in any location”. This degree of change will bring about considerable challenges for industry stakeholders and consumers alike. At times of dramatic change people will often need a reference point to help formulate their own understanding. The challenge has been to assemble in advance of the OTT TV wave specific skills and resources to anticipate the threats and opportunities and to develop solutions to meet the needs of the various stakeholders.  Further to become acknowledged experts in a particular area or field such as OTT TV.

To deliver complex information and opinion, in a concise form, from a broad range of recognised industry experts to assist influencers and decision makers formulate strategic and tactical approaches for delivering OTT TV services. BCi-Endurance provides thought leadership though the publishing of a series of white papers that have been well received and remain a reference point for many. We also deliver industry comment though regular blogging, mashup*, technology demonstrations and through speaking opportunities at trade events.

Our thought leadership and anticipation of this market has allowed us to provide specialist consultancy support which allows various stakeholders to achieve a short time to market in this important area. Further to be able to help client’s resolve specific issues in their OTT TV platforms.

mashup* is a membership based community of executives, entrepreneurs and investors affected by and working within the commercial application of digital technology, products and service.

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