Endurance and BCi release Over The Top TV White Paper

Posted by Administrator on Nov 24 2009
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OTT TV, the delivery of video via the internet directly to user(s) connected devices, allows access to services anywhere, anytime and on any device. Many of the barriers to widespread deployment of OTT TV services are now understood and well on the way to being solved.  OTT TV therefore has the potential to transform the face of TV industry by creating new business opportunities for existing stakeholders and facilitating many new entrants.

The purpose of this first White Paper, which will be part of a series, is to introduce and describe some of the different stakeholder groups facing both the challenges and opportunities created by OTT TV. From here we proceed to describe a number of general platform and systems integration considerations and then proceed to consider in more detail some fairly common problem statements and solutions which are relevant to these stakeholders. The white paper is available in PDF format here .

Future white papers in this series will explore the specific detail of each of these problem statements. Tangible demonstrations to promote discussion and evolution of this broad topic will be available.

This series of papers is likely to be of interest to the senior executives of Operators, CE Vendors and Content Aggregators. Each paper is intended to explore a different aspect of this substantial topic and we look forward to hearing back from you in respect of areas that are of particular interest to you at contact[at]endurancetech[dot]co[dot]uk or info[at]bci[dot]eu[dot]com .  

The team at BCi-Endurance has for over 15 years been at the forefront of the Digital Television and Telco TV deployments. As such we are involved with integration and deployment issues of new and emergent platform technologies relevant to both Operators and Equipment Vendors. Based on our considerable experience of working with vendors and technology we are well placed to help stakeholders develop new and existing platforms.

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