Endurance demonstrate multiscreen concepts for Over The Top TV content

Posted by Administrator on Oct 21 2010
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Presented at an event for industry professionals held in London on October 12th, 2010 called “Mashup”, Endurance's Mashup Demo demonstrates various conceptual possibilities for Over The Top TV. This was the key topic for the Mashup event and is a broad umbrella term for a combination of conventional television delivery mechanisms such as satellite and cable, alongside internet based delivery. The Endurance demo showcases some conceptual possibilities highlighting ways in which internet services can augment, rather than attempt to replace conventional television delivery.

At the event, two large flat panel televisions were on display. One showed a familiar television interface with now-and-next banner and a series of channels each playing different video content. The other TV was connected to a live camcorder pointed at a table, on which two portable devices had been placed. An Apple iPad and HTC Android smartphone were used on the day, though any iOS 4 based smartphone, or Android 2.2 based smartphone or tablet could also be used. Accordingly, some of the visitors watching the demo were invited to join in by using their own smartphones or tablets.

A full description of the demo can be seen here:  www.endurancetech.co.uk/media/Mashup%20Demo%20Functional%20Description%20V1.pdf

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