Endurance Lauches Innovation Warehouse in Portsmouth

Posted by Administrator on Mar 22 2013
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The Innovation Warehouse Portsmouth (IWP), located in the heart of the City, has been specifically designed to create a vibrant and dynamic innovation environment which will empower entrepreneurs to grow new businesses.
Founder Mark Hooper believes: “small businesses drive job creation and economic growth and provide nearly 20 percent of newly created jobs. Many thousands of jobs depend on strong, creative and entrepreneurial individuals.  We are determined to provide the very best environment and support to individuals and groups who have amazing ideas”. 
The IWP Innovation business model has already been proven at the hugely successful London Innovation Warehouse (IW) where the co-founders have achieved impressive results in just 15 months. The headlines include:  
  More than 60 start-up companies with over 150 members
  Over 100 full-time and part-time jobs & internships created
  More than 300 community business events, many of these with more than 100 attendees
  More than 5,000 + innovators and entrepreneurs directly impacted
  £ 2,500,000 raised or invested on businesses
  £ 25,000,000 of equity created in spin out businesses

The IW, having considered a number of locations in the South-East, made a strategic decision to  invest in Portsmouth, based significantly on the level of interest and support offered by local government, education and business partners.  Co-founder Andrew Moyler said: “When Dr David Arrell (Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth) indicated that the University would like to become a strategic IW partner and offered a suitable property we knew we were on to a winner. The decision to come to Portsmouth was made quickly and planning started in the second half of 2012”.
Having made the decision the IWP founders wanted to provide an exceptional environment with the very best services for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs.

Co-founder Shena Mitchell commented: “We are passionate and committed to making the IWP environment as vibrant and dynamic an innovation community as possible. Collectively with our City and IW London partners we want to provide entrepreneurs in the region with the very best services.”   

So what’s different?

The IWP will be home to a group of mentor directors who have an impressive entrepreneurial business track record and a wealth of technical expertise. The University will provide facilities, training, mentoring, promotion of jobs, volunteering opportunities, funding and access to services such as the University Library and the Sports Centre.
The unique IW model will also be supported by an interactive network of business partners, business angels, venture capitalists and crowd funders who will align themselves with the members to provide mentoring, encouragement and financial support.  
Because the IWP is a dedicated and privately owned entity the team can be proactive, flexible, and can react quickly to market demands. It is the founders’ vision to create a working environment which has its own evolving eco-system based on the benefits of a collective power and peer pressure.

IWP’s core strength is based on vibrancy and the discipline of mutual support and co-operative working which serves to facilitate a ‘natural selection’ of good ideas. Further the IWP will foster a close interaction between the key stakeholders in the region (Government, Education and Business) through the innovation process. This is important as MIW will be taking a proven model for innovation and adapting it for the local environment and community in order to optimise growth and job creating potential.

The members will have direct access to specialist mentoring, technical business partners, support and on-line membership. We open our Portsmouth division in April and therefore encourage entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, teams, sponsors, investors, business angels, trainers and partners to get in contact...........

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